the reality of many children in bolivia

Many children in Bolivia are born into poverty or into families that are not fit to raise them. Their pasts do not determine their futures though. God has brought each and every one of our children to us for a reason. He has preformed many miracles in and through their lives and will continue to do so as our family grows and grows. We want to share some of these miraculous stories with you. 


stories of hope

Story of hope #1

I was born with a mental disability and it made things difficult for my family. My family though didn't know how to take care of me and rather than helping me they would lock me into a cage while they would work. In this cage I was unable to stand up and as a result I never learned how to walk or even develop properly. I was treated like an animal and when I cried I was ignored. God had a plan for my life though. God brought me here to Casa De Esperanza. With lots of love and care I am able to walk and express myself to my tias and tios. I have a family now and I know that with all of the support I have here God will continue to work miracles in my life. 

Story of hope #2

My mother was a farmer and worked hard in the hot sun all day long. She would bring me to the fields as a baby while she worked and one day left me alone lying in the grass. The grass was very long and there were lots of ants. The ants began to crawl onto my face and started biting me. Luckily someone found me lying there and picked me up and carried me to social services. My face was covered in bites and I was in bad shape. I was then brought to Casa De Esperanza where my tias and tios treated my face and gave me lots of love and attention. God brought me to Casa De Esperanza for a reason and I am now taken care of and my scars are beginning to fade. My story is a story of hope because I am now part of a very big family and I am filled with hope and purpose.